Products Line

Vascular Surgery

This is the branch of surgery that deals with surgical or endovascular interventions to solve or improve the prognosis for blood vessels’ diseases

Interventional Radiology

This is the branch of radiology that performs diagnostic and therapeutic manoeuvres through a minimally-invasive approach

Interventional Neuroradiology

This is the branch of interventional radiology dedicated to the endovascular treatment of intracranial diseases


Functional Neurosurgery

It’s the branch of neurosurgery that removes, modulates and recreates functions and neural circuits through resection, stimulation, reconstruction and transplant


This procedure allows exploration of the entire digestive tract with the possibility of performing diagnostic and therapeutic interventions, through dedicated devices

Abdominal Surgery

This is the branch that treats diseases of the abdominal cavity and, in particular, abdominal wall defects as well as pathologies of abdominal organs

Regenerative Medicine

This is that branch of medicine that aims at repairing organs or tissues damaged by disease, trauma or the “simple” aging process. Its aim is to restore or at least improve the functionality of these organs